Thibault Pradet

Keep deconstructing what you’ve been taught

To change art, destroy ego.

So why choose this quote? It’s because I think in art or in life in general, just to destroy ego means thinking about the group. Just try to take a step back, and just try to listen to the others, to open your heart. To listen, which is also part of my creative practice. Somehow, I have to listen to the people. So that’s why that could be good advice.

Always try to surprise or to pull something new

I still don’t know what’s going to happen, like in two weeks or a month. That’s probably what’s good in life. Not to doubt, but also just to not know, not plan things somehow, which is really important, I would say. And now when everything is in a format, I try not to fit in the format and always try to surprise or to pull something new. That’s probably my philosophy.

Keep deconstructing what you’ve been taugh

Keep deconstructing what you’ve been taught about, accept doubts and experiments. Because this is how you go through things. So it’s probably this, and it’s good because I doubt a lot, which is fine. And I doubt, again. I could say that’s okay, and relax.

Nature has a lot to teach us

This is something that I didn’t mention, but nature for me, is a huge inspiration. I have to say. It’s this collaborative idea. I think nature has a lot to teach us somehow, and this is something that all activists, for instance, know somehow. And I think that nature has a huge impact in my life right now.

About Thibault Pradet

Artist and cultural producer based in Seville. He was manager of Charlie Le Mindu for 10 years. He has been involved in many creative practices and social initiatives in the intersections of contemporary art, sustainability and LGBT rights.

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